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Blue Evolution Flooring
Blue Evolution Flooring:

FAUS Blue, WPC flooring with Premium features

FAUS Blue floors represent a revolution in high quality vinyl flooring for interiors. They are WPC flooring with rigid core Blue Core 7 mm thick, 100% waterproof, with great rigidity, density and stability. Respectful with the environment and suitable for floors with underfloor heating. With the level of detail and quality of FAUS, its hyper realistic designs to register perfectly emulate the woods of oak, chestnut and walnut with a unique format providing warmth and comfort to any room. They are great thermal and acoustic insulators and can be used in commercial spaces with high traffic and even in industrial spaces. In addition, they are easy and quick to install thanks to their click system, installed as a floating platform, without works and with an exceptional finish. All this makes them the best option for bathrooms and kitchens, large surfaces, hotels, commercial premises and in general for any situation.

100% water resistant floors

All FAUS floors in the Blue range are 100% waterproof, which makes them the ideal flooring for indoor wet areas. They have the technical characteristics of pvc floors, which in addition to impermeability, give the product excellent properties, such as resistance to impact, abrasion, scratching and UV protection, offering a guarantee of up to 25 years in residential use and 10 years for commercial use. Another of its most notable features is its non-slip ability, a important quality when it is installed in humid environments where there is danger due to slips and falls. With slat dimensions of 1510 mm long and 210 mm wide, the product is installed in a very fast way, allowing to cover large surfaces in a short space of time, making the labor and budget of the project cheaper than in a usual installation.

How our range differs from other types of vinyl floors.

Unlike other brands and manufacturers, FAUS Blue 100% waterproof floors have a rigid high-density core that gives better technical and mechanical properties. With a high resistance wear layer of 0.55 mm thick plus 2 mm of LVT (luxury vinyl tile) and almost 5 mm of Blue Core, the FAUS vinyl flooring reaches a thickness of 7 mm that gives the product a high resistance to the traction thanks to its anchoring system. These properties allow the product to achieve exceptional qualifications such as Class 33 and Class 42, which certify that these are soils prepared for a very intense commercial use and light industrial use. In addition, they have the lowest emission of formaldehyde on the market, with an E1 certification and in terms of fire resistance, they are fireproof floors category BfL S1. All this, offering a facility of assembly and exceptional resistances.

What opinions does this type of soil deserve?

The premium vinyl pavements offer new possibilities in the pavement market and that is why their growth and future prospects are very positive. These are floors that stand out above all for their impermeability, their acoustic and thermal insulation, their resistance to impact, their anti-static and anti-slip properties and their ability to be installed on radiant heating systems. Qualities not usually offered by adhesive floors and self-adhesive floors, nor by sintasol floors and acrylic floors. Another aspect that makes them a very high-quality product is its hyper realism and design to register, which allows them to emulate the natural woods making it very difficult to differentiate them. Details such as the 4-sided bezel and its wide-screen format, give the space a sense of excellence and modernity that make them ideal to be mounted in any room or commercial space. Features that increasingly make them become the first choice of customers.