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Wide variety of decorative mouldings

We offer a wide variety of decorative mouldings and accessories so that you can finish any project with the look, design and quality of FAUS floors and coverings. In addition, we have a large catalogue of mouldings that can be used in furniture, doors or any type of work related to carpentry. All these decorative mouldings and accessories are manufactured in all kinds of colours, so any wall or laminate flooring always has its accessory identical to the design. These available complements are the covers, square, corner, jambs, corner boards, skirting boards, cornices, half-height finishes, multi-angles, baseboards for wooden designs, baseboards for ceramic, stone or hydraulic tile designs, transition profiles, expansion profiles, ladder profiles and staircase nosing. With all this collection, your work can be completed with an excellent level of detail, obtaining an incomparable harmony and perfection.

Mouldings for walls, floors and ceilings, the ideal complement to our floors and coverings

To complete the installation of our floors and wall and ceiling coverings, the best option is to use our accessories, specially manufactured to fit perfectly with all our products. Complements that can be used in any room in which our product is installed, such as the living room, kitchen, bedrooms, shopping areas, restaurants and hotels. Another feature of FAUS accessories is that they come in different width, length and thickness; which allows them to meet the needs of all types of architecture and decoration projects. Either an installation of laminate flooring in which baseboards, transition or expansion joints are required, or wall or ceiling cover assemblies in which it is necessary to use corners, cornices or multi-angles. Complements that come in all kinds of colours and designs, both wood and ceramic, stones or hydraulic tiles.

Composition of our mouldings

FAUS mouldings and accessories are manufactured with high quality raw materials, using a water-repellent MDF board that gives them excellent resistance to moisture. In this way, they can be used on any wall, floor or ceiling always obtaining a completely professional finish. With dimensions of all types, wood, ceramic and stone designs, we offer accessories with the following dimensions: 2430x22x9 mm, 2430x25x9 mm, 2430x25x15mm, 2430x45x9 mm, 2250x45x9 mm, 2250x70x9 mm, 2250x90x15 mm, 2700x70x9 mm, 2700x90x15 mm and many more. This makes the FAUS mouldings and accessories the ideal accessory to finish all kinds of architectural projects, such as new constructions, renovations or adaptation of spaces. In addition to being valid to decorate and perfect the work in furniture, doors and other types of carpentry work. All this, offering the highest quality standards and certifications such as the PEFC (Program for the Recognition of International Forest Certification), EQNet (Quality system), E1 classification according to the EN 13986 standard.

Do our mouldings for doors, windows and furniture work?

Our mouldings are ideal to improve the appearance of all types of doors, furniture and windows (on the inside). In a short time and using a very high-quality material with water-repellent properties that gives them resistance to moisture, it is possible to install our accessories obtaining an excellent finish that will offer your projects and works an elegant and sophisticated look. These accessories are manufactured in a wide range of colours including white, wenge, raw, toasted, oak, beech and cherry, among others. This means that they have become the first choice for professionals wishing to complete their works or installations in a simple way and low priced. Highly demanded qualities in the current market that are fulfilled and easily surpassed by the FAUS complements collection, the best alternative for all types of decorative solutions for doors, interior windows, furniture, floors, walls and ceilings.